Ann Arbor Dryer Vent Cleaning Wizard Eliminates Hazard that can Lead to Quick and Total Destruction

A dryer fire can rage out of control within minutes so the Wizard urges residents to never leave home or go to sleep when the dryer is running


Ann Arbor MI – The Ann Arbor Dryer Vent Cleaning Wizard warns area residents to treat their dryer like a child and never leave it unattended while it is running. Never leave the house or go to sleep when the dryer is running. A dryer fire can quickly get out of control and completely destroy a home and its contents in the length of time it takes to go for a walk or run an errand.

With all the media attention focused on preventing dryer fires, the Wizard is amazed by the number of people who continue to neglect this important service. Failure to clean dryer vents is the number one cause of dryer fires and clothes dryers are more likely to cause a fire than any other home appliance.

Larry Butterfield, owner of Dryer Vent Wizard (, works to encourage public awareness of the importance of regularly scheduled dryer vent cleaning service. Once a customer is on his list, he will contact them periodically to remind them that it is time for an inspection and cleaning. Larry’s customers appreciate his concern for their safety and they often refer their family and friends for this vital home service.

Dryer Vent Wizard technicians are a force for neighborhood safety as they urge consumers to have their dryer vent system inspected to be sure it meets current safety standards. Vinyl or flexible foil dryer vents should be replaced with solid metal venting for safety and efficiency.

Call Dryer Vent Wizard for an inspection and get ready to enjoy service like no other. The Wizard charges by the job, not by the hour, so feel free to ask questions and learn more about keeping the dryer vent system operating safely and efficiently. Larry Butterfield serves residents and homeowners in southeast Michigan, Ann Arbor, Canton and surrounding cities and communities.

About Dryer Vent Wizard:
Dryer Vent Wizard is a member of the National Fire Protection Association and the largest chain of dryer vent cleaning, dryer vent repair, replacement and alternation specialists in the U.S. with nearly 60 franchisees in major markets. Dryer Vent Wizard franchisees work to promote public awareness on the importance of dryer vent cleaning to prevent dryer fires and save energy. Consumer education while making clothes dryers safer and greener are the main focus of DVW franchisees. Dryer Vent Wizard was founded in 2004 by Dave Lavalle who is also the founder of the Mr. Handyman franchise.

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